Third Green Flag : Water Conservation

“Slow the flow of H2O”

The Green Flag committee, under the chairmanship of Sixth Year student, Aisling Barry, highlighted the need for a reduction in water usage from the return to school last September and used the catchy slogan “Slow the flow of H2O” to get the whole school on board.

The school also became a pilot school in North Tipperary for the use of hippo bags in cisterns and they certainly have helped in the water reduction project.

In partnership with the Environment Section of North Tipperary County Council, the Ursuline’s Green Schools Committee, led by Ms. O’Flynn inserted the ‘Hippos’ into each of the toilets cisterns in an effort to reduce their water consumption by approximately 3 litres. This environmentally friendly initiative conserves our water resources, and saves money on metered water bills. Made from durable Polyethylene, the Hippo opens up into an open-ended box, which sits in the cistern underneath the float. A small hole also allows slow circulation and prevents stagnation.

The water meter indicates a 40% saving.

Obtaining the third green flag was an enormous achievement as not only is there a focus on the water reduction but also on keeping the waste recycled and energy reduced. The flag was presented in the Croke Park Conference Centre on Thursday, March 5 and Aisling Barry and Thoran Sorell represented the Green School’s Committee at the ceremony.