September 9, 2017

Sixth Year History Trip
On Thursday, 7th of September, the Leaving Cert History Class headed to Dublin for a day of historical discovery. They visited two of the most important sites in the story of modern Ireland – Kilmainham Gaol and Glasnevin Cemetery. Their tour guide in Kilmainham, Pat, showed them the cells of the Pearse brothers, De Valera, Countess Markieviez, Thomas Clarke and Tipperary poet and rebel, Thomas MacDonagh. They saw the ring given to Grace Gifford by her condemned husband, Joseph Plunkett and the chapel where they married on the eve of his execution. In the afternoon they were given a guided tour of Glasnevin Cemetery by Bridget. She brought the stories of ‘dead’ famous people alive for the students. She was a most engaging guide and enthralled the girls with images of a meteorite descending from the heavens at the funeral of Parnell and crafty grave robbers walking ‘drunken’ corpses through the gates of the cemetery. It was an interesting trip and gave the students a much greater insight into key personalities on their course. Thanks to Ms. Egan and Ms. Keating who accompanied them.

TY News
The TY classes participated in a car safety and maintenance workshop given by Michael Gleeson. The students enjoyed learning about how cars work and the driving experience in an interactive way with Michael’s specially built MOG car. The girls saw the various working components of a car as Michael revealed the parts under the bonnet and panelling. There was also a emphasis on driver responsibility, the importance of obeying the rules of the road and maintaining a road worthy vehicle. The students really enjoyed the workshop and thanks to Michael for presenting this most serious of subjects in a fun and lively way.

All TY classes are currently involved in an ecology study of Cabra Wetlands for the next four weeks. The biology teachers are taking each class out to Cabra once a week to study the biodiversity of this unique and local wetland environment. The students will learn, see, record and study much of this natural habitat over the course of the next month. It will give them some insight into the beauty and complexity of the nature which is thriving right on their own doorstep.


Ursuline Trad Musicians head to Italy
Best wishes to traditional musicians Laurna Ryan, Ciara Cheshire, Sarah Bourke and Caoimhe Meade who have been invited to play in Rome and Potenza Picena, in North Eastern Italy. The students are members of Tipperary traditional music orchestra ‘In Tune for Life’. They are travelling first to Rome for a performance in San Silvestro Church before going North to Potenza. They will also be playing in some of the smaller towns around Potenza which were affected by the 2015 earthquake. This is a fantastic opportunity for the students, who are in 2nd year, TY and 5th year to showcase traditional Irish music and their own musical talents to Italian audiences.


Hello Dolly
Students will soon begin auditions and practice for the 2017 Ursuline show ‘Hello Dolly’. The last school production of this particular musical was in 1998. It tells the story of matchmaking socialite Dolly Levi who loves nothing better than to meddle in the love lives of others. It is a fun show with crowd pleasing big numbers, none more so than the title song ‘Hello Dolly’. Dolly was immortalised in the film version by Barbara Streisand and her distinctive duet with Louis Armstrong is as popular today as was when the film was first released. It is an old-fashioned, big musical production with lots of singing, dancing and witty dialogue. It will definitely be worth booking tickets to see.

Written By Nora Tuohy