September 5, 2016

First Year Induction & Sports Afternoon

On Thursday 1st of September, all first years students were welcomed to UCT for their first day of secondary school. In the morning they met their tutors and Year Head who showed them around the school and helped them to get settled. In the afternoon members of the Sports Dept organised fun team work activities on the hockey pitches to help them get to know their peers. All 139 first students meet in the sports hall after lunch and they were introduced to all of the sports teachers who divided them into their groups. There were eight different activities/stations organised for the students to participate in and each of these were managed by one sports teacher with the assistance of two fifth year students.

1st year sports day Throughout the course of the afternoon, the first year students participated in “egg & spoon” races, “human knot” , “Birthday Line up”, “Plank relay race”, “Sharks & Fishes”, “Tunnel Obstacle Course”, “Sack Race”, “3-legged Race”, “Cone Pick up Relay”, “Minefield”, “Name Game” & “Back to Back Relays”


All activities were designed to allow students to get to know each other better while out in the fresh air on a sunny day. Each group rotated stations & moved onto a new task every 10 mins. Each station was managed by a sports teacher who had two fifth years to help them out. All activities required the use of different set of skills & students were encouraged to try work together to complete each of the different tasks in the quickest time.

The idea of the sports afternoon provided all students with the opportunity to communicate, cooperate and problem solve on the tasks alongside their new class mates in a fun & relaxed environment. It also gave them the opportunity to meet some of the older fifth year students who were a great help to the teachers at each station & managed to develop an excellent rapport all of the first years. Their first day of big school ended in an ice cream treat which was much appreciated and well deserved.

The students benefited greatly from the afternoon & it was a very positive way to end their first day of secondary school in UCT.


Tipp Victory

Congratulations to Michael Ryan, his selectors and the Tipperary Senior hurlers on their fantastic victory over Kilkenny in Croke park on Sunday. We are delighted for Maureen, Katie and Joanna Ryan, Michael’s daughters who attend the Ursuline. We look forward to welcoming the Liam McCarthy to the school sometime soon.

Written By Nora Tuohy