September 2, 2012

It’s hard to believe that another summer has passed us by and that we are back to school again. Firstly welcome back to all the students and staff of the Ursuline as they face another academic year, this year has already begun on very positive footing as both students and staff have been awed by the bright, airy corridors and smell of fresh paint than emanated from the new building. This new year is to be punctuated by numerous important events; a few of which we already have an insight into.


The Religious Education Department, the Music Department and the Art Department are immersed in preparations for the Open of the Year mass which has been scheduled for October the 5th. This mass is always hugely important to the school community however this year it will be even more significant as it will mark very special occasions in our school life. Firstly the 27th of September will mark the 225th year since the Ursuline School arrived in Thurles, undoubtedly an amazing accomplishment. Furthermore, the start of another academic year will be celebrated and prayers will be offered so that it will be as fruitful and happy as previous years. In addition the new school extension will also be blessed following mass; this will undeniably be a most joyous occasion for staff and students who are delighted with the new facilities and space.

The Religious Education Department have chosen a most apt theme for the mass this year: “Have faith in God. God has faith in you.” This theme will resonate through the ceremony through the readings, music and artwork, and the theme will continue to influence the school’s engagement with day-to-day school life as it coincides with the Catholic Year of Faith which will begin on the 11th of October 2012 and conclude on the 24th of November 2013.


Audible gasps of admiration echoed through the beautifully bright, colourful corridors of the new extension as staff and students familiarised themselves with the new classrooms and specialist subject rooms that form the new wing of the school. Of course there has been a little confusion as students and teachers try to establish their next destination without GPS systems but soon it will become second nature to all, hopefully! The students were extremely excited this week to see the new facilities available to them; the well-equipped technology and technical graphics room, the futuristic computer rooms, the science labs, the senior dining area and the welcoming classrooms. Without doubt this first week was characterised by a palpable buzz that gave everybody as boost as they look forward to what this year will bring.


Congratulations to the class of 2012 who excelled themselves in relation to their Leaving Certificate results this year. Everybody has chosen their own path forward; some are continuing their education, others are starting off into the world of work, others are opting to travel. Which ever pathway they have chosen we wish them well and hope that they are excited about the next stage of their lives.

The girls were reunited last week for their Debs dance which took place on Thursday the 23rd of August. The St. Ursula Memorial Hall was awash with vibrant colours and beautiful gowns as the girls elegantly accepted their graduation scrolls. The presentation was followed by dinner and dancing in the Anner Hotel where all the girls laughed, danced and chatted after the summer break.


Congratulations to Ruth Heenan who was elected Chairperson of the Students’ Council this week and also so to Ruth Atkins and Eva Moroney who were voted in as Vice chairpersons. In all there are 12 Sixth Year councillors, the Council will meet this week to set their theme for the year and councillors from the other year groups will be elected in the coming weeks. The Student Council are a pivotal element of the Ursuline School and their hard work and enthusiasm throughout the year will definitely prove beneficial to school life. Good luck girls!


In addition to the new wing the school library has also had a facelift; the walls are now lined with shelves that are brimming with books waiting to be delved into. Colourful tables have also added to the inviting tone that now exudes from this calm space, the students are sure to enjoy the hours of fun that all of the beautiful books have to offer.


Although no matches have yet been played, the sports teachers have been busy scheduling and planning so that the teams can hit the pitches and courts as soon as possible. Fingers crossed we’ll get off to a good start!

Written By Nora Tuohy

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