September 17, 2020

Develop Me  – T.Y. Workshop

The TYs had their first workshop of the year facilitated by Owen and Ger from ‘Develop Me’. They introduced the classes to the experiential game ‘The Search for the Lost Dutchman’s Goldmine’. The students worked in their pods of between four and six students to complete the challenge of getting as much lost gold as they could from the fictitious mine and returning home in twenty days. They had to find the most efficient route to the mine so as to maximise their time there and bring home as much gold as possible within the allotted time. Each group was given varying resources which could be traded and bartered with other groups. They also faced unexpected obstacles such as unforeseen weather conditions, canyon flooding and depleting resources and supplies. Once the task was complete the students had a debriefing session and reflected on how they had approached the task and what they might do differently if they were to start it all over again. It taught them the importance of good team work, good forward planning and the necessity of having as much information as possible to hand before beginning a task. It also showed that competitiveness is not always the best way to achieve goals and sometimes slowly and surely wins the race. The students will have a follow up session with ‘Develop Me’ in the New Year when they will be set the challenge of solving the problem of ‘Tom’s Canyon Ford.’ These workshops are always great fun and a fantastic opportunity to learn about strategic planning and project management.

Written By Nora Tuohy