September 10, 2020

TY Trip to Ballyhass Lake

The sun was smiling down on the TYs as they headed off to Ballyhass Lakes on Friday, 11 September for their adventure day out. This year four buses headed out the gates at 7.30 am, twice as many as usual, to ensure social distancing between students. While in Ballyhass, located near Mallow, Co. Cork the students stayed within the confines of their class group so as to ensure there was no mixing between the four TY classes. The students alternated between land based activities such as archery and rope challenges and water based activities such as kayaking and the aquapark. It was a great day out for the students and the teachers who accompanied them. Splashing around and dangling from ropes was an enjoyable and fun way for students to get to know each other and an important step towards establishing team work within each class, an essential element of TY.


Garda Talk to Sixth Years

Thanks to Garda Dan Brennan and Garda Kevin Russell who paid a visit to the Ursuline Thurles last week. They spoke to Sixth Year students about the continued fight against Covid 19 and praised the sacrifice that young people are making to slow down the spread of the virus. Their message was very positive and encouraging, asking the students to keep doing what they are doing in terms of washing their hands, keeping the recommended distance from others and wearing a face covering in public. They reminded the students of the dangers of large gatherings of people and not to place themselves in vulnerable situations. They spoke anecdotally of house parties where many young people had become infected with the virus and the knock on effect of community transmission. They answered questions put to them by the students and seemed genuinely impressed with the efforts of school-goers in adhering to public health advice. They were even happy to pose for a socially distanced photograph with some of the Leaving Certs.

Written By Nora Tuohy