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The aim of SciFest is to encourage a love of Science and Maths through active, collaborative, inquiry based learning and to provide a forum for students to present and display their scientific investigations. It also allows them to learn while pursuing an aspect of the subject in which they have a particular interest.


2012 Entrants

2012 Entrants

2010 Entrants

2010 Entrants

Young Scienstist

Our project was “Is your child left-handed…then you might be raising a creative genius!”

We left at half eight on Wednesday the 11th of January for the 2012 BT Young Scientist and arrived at the RDS at eleven o’ clock. We went in and registered and then we got our stand number, 1518. Then we put up our project and set up our props on the table in front of our poster. Then we went to the opening ceremony in the RDS arena. There was a band there “Amoeba to Zebra” and then Colm O’ Neill (CEO of BT) welcomed us and talked to us about the competition and told us what we would be doing for the next four days. Also Enda Kenny was there just talking to us about how lucky we were to have gotten through and so on. Then we left and had the first round of judging, which went well and the judge was really nice. After our first round of judging we were free to go. At eight o clock every night there was entertainment in the students club until half past ten. On Thursday we had the second and third round of judging and the doors were open to the general public. On Friday there was the final round of judging and then the awards ceremony. Sadly we didn’t win anything but the other group from the Ursuline won a display award. The winners were from Synge Street CBS Dublin and their project was “Simulation accuracy in the gravitational many-body problem”. They got to go on to compete at the European Union Contest for Young Scientists. Also they won money and tickets to the Olympics. On Friday the other T.Y’s came up to see us on Friday and President Michael D Higgins was there for a short while. Saturday was the last day and then we had to dismantle our project and take it home.












I really enjoyed my experience at the young scientist and am so glad I entered. I would definitely recommend anyone who was thinking about entering the competition to enter because everyone has a chance of getting in, we didn’t think we would get in and we did so you never know! A piece of advice would give is to start your project early and to a little bit of work every week or else you end up working over Christmas holidays.

Claire Scott