Learning Support

The Ursuline Secondary values the contribution that every student and young person can make and welcomes the diversity of culture, religion and intellectual style that comprises our school population. The School seeks to raise the achievement, remove barriers to learning and increase physical and curricular access for all. All students and young people with special educational needs are valued, respected, equal members of the school community. The Learning Support Faculty adopts and reinforces the general aims and objectives of the School’s Inclusive Education Policy. These can be summarised as four guiding principles:

• We value all the students in our school equally;

• Our guiding principle is one of inclusion;

• We want to identify and break down possible barriers to learning;

• We place a strong emphasis on personal and academic achievement.

Identification of students with a variety of SEN difficulties is based mainly on teacher assessment and identification of student difficulties, both before transition to the school and during their school lives at the Ursuline Secondary School. Parents also play a large part in the identification of students’ learning difficulties.

It should be noted that a student identified as having English as an Additional Language (EAL) difficulties, is not classified under the SEN Code of Practice as having a ‘Learning’ difficulty. However, some of the students also have literacy and/or cognitive difficulties that are not directly linked to their EAL difficulties and so there is some overlap.

It is our hope that our school is a place where we promote and facilitate a whole school approach to special needs education and so create a community of learning.

In our policy and practice, we aim to nurture the values of hope, compassion and understanding in all of our students. We recognise each pupil as a unique individual with different talents and needs. We endeavour to meet their physical, intellectual and emotional needs through our student focused programmes.

In fostering an atmosphere of learning that is holistic in approach, we nurture each individual student’s personal growth and development. We promote autonomous learning and strive to enable all to achieve their full potential.

We offer an inclusive curriculum, which is relevant, realistic and co-operative, and we do so in active partnership with pupils, parents and staff.”