School Facilities

Specialist Rooms

Four Science Labs

Two Art Rooms

Two I.T. Rooms (including Language Lab)

Technology Room

Technical Graphics/DCG Room

Two Home Economics Rooms

Two Music Rooms

Two Learning Support Rooms

Geography Room

Library/Reading Room

There is a supply of suitable reading material for Junior & Senior classes available in the Library. In order to foster a love of reading, two Book Clubs have been established (Junior & Senior) and the clubs meet every few weeks to discuss books that have been recommended. We are also very fortunate to have the facilities of the new library in The Source on our doorstep.


In September 1997 the dream of having indoor sporting facilities and a venue for concerts and shows was realised with the opening of the Sr Ursula Memorial Hall, Sports/Concert Complex. This has been a wonderful addition to the School and it caters for all indoor sports: Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Indoor Hockey, Soccer etc.

The Complex also converts very well into a theatre for our school shows and musical events. It is equipped with plush tiered and flat seating to cater for a minimum audience of six hundred people.


In October 2004, another dream was realised with the provision of two Astro-Turf playing pitches. This is a wonderful addition to the sporting facilities in the school and compliments perfectly the excellent Indoor Complex. It also allows for the hosting of major finals in hockey and other team sports. The flood-lit facility is used each evening /night during the winter months by local clubs for Soccer and other sports.