October 8, 2012

Although every week seems to be a busy one this week was undoubtedly a truly unforgettable week of preparation and excitement. Apart from the usual Transition year activities, sporting events, Green Schools’ meetings and Concern Debating preparation, this Friday marked a hugely important date in our school community’s history.


There were so many reasons to celebrate this week as we officially began a new school year, honoured the history of the Ursuline School in Thurles on its the 225th anniversary and blessed the long-awaited school extension. Naturally the open of the year mass is always a memorable mass as the First Year students experience their first mass as an Ursuline secondary student and the Sixth years embark on their final year of studies with us.

However, this year’s mass surpassed all of the usual celebrations as the school community was determined to mark this important milestone with due respect and reverence. Thus the religious department, art department and music department convened, pondered and put numerous ideas into action with the enthusiasm and commitment of the students who embraced the celebration. The result was unforgettable. The ceremony opened with a moving liturgical dance that commemorated all of the members, past and present, of our school community. Archbishop Clifford spoke eloquently of the foundation and history of the school, remarking particularly on the commitment and determination of Sr. Clare Ursula Tobin in bringing her plans for a school in the Thurles area to fruition. The ceremony was punctuated by beautiful musical pieces that floated through the cathedral intensifying the poignancy of the mass. The senior orchestra and Cecilian choir’s dulcet tones created a most euphoric atmosphere among the congregation while the harp players’ piece reached almost celestial heights. Indeed all of the students undertook their tasks with a reverence and excellence that was most noteworthy, this was again highlighted as the students formed a guard of honour for the procession to the school; the students were in no doubt as to the importance of this event and their respect and pride were palpable as guests proceeded to the new extension.

Visitors to the new extension were clearly impressed with the new building and availed of the opportunity to visit the new specialist rooms before heading to Sr. Ursula’s Memorial Hall for refreshments. Yet again the students excelled themselves as they looked after the many guests to the school. Without doubt the 5th of October marked a very important day in our school calendar, it was a day that shall be remembered for many years to come by all those who attended and played a role in the celebration.


Transition year students had a most enlightening week this week as they participated in poetry workshops. The poetry workshops were facilitated by the brilliant Stephen Murray from Galway. The workshops were undoubtedly informative and productive, now all we have to do is wait for our poets of the future to emerge.


Things are really hotting up for the new debate team as details of the first round of debates were forwarded to the school this week. The first debate will be against Saint Anne’s Secondary School, Tipperary town. The team will be proposing a motion that pits Romney against Obama in relation to their negative affects on the world. Challenging! Profound research has already been embarked upon; the team are, no doubt, going to be very versed in American political issues!


This week saw the committee have yet another important meeting in relation to plans for maintaining the school’s current flags and efforts to attain the biodiversity flag. Beautiful posters were designed by the two German students, Eva and Verena, for our notice board while other committee members set off on a mission to remind all the classes about recycling and using the recycling bins available. Stay tuned for the biodiversity action plan!


The Senior football team had another outing this week against a formidable Carrig-on-Suir team. It was a very trying match as a very strong Carrig-on-Suir team strove to dominate the match from the outset. The Ursuline girls put up a very brave fight and scored an impressive 2 goals and 6 points. However, victory went to the other team as they managed to accumulate a 4-12 score. Well done to the Ursuline girls and best of luck to Carrig-on Suir as they forge their way through the league.

The hockey girls had a very energetic week as four teams played pre-season matches against Kilkenny College. The Second year A team had an impressive victory over the visiting team as they scored 4 goals while the Ursuline goal keeper didn’t concede any goals. Indisputably a great result that heralds great promise for the rest of the season. The Second year B1 team were not quite as lucky as they were beaten 1-2 in a very evenly matched game. The players played determinedly until the final whistle but failed to equalise. The Second year B2 team also took on Kilkenny College; unfortunately the girls were narrowly beaten 1-2 but played an excellent match. Finally the Senior B team also played a pre-season match against Kilkenny College. The Senior girls had a great match showing super motivation and skill as they took the victory 2-1. Well done girls, this year’s fixtures are sure to bring lots of excitement.

Written By Nora Tuohy