October 18, 2020

The TYs in the Ursuline had three very informative workshops this week on a wide range of topics.

Juliet was in early in the week speaking about breast cancer. She talked about changes to look out for that could signal the onset of breast cancer and demonstrated the right way to do a self check using a dummy prop. She encouraged the students to get into the habit of doing regular self examinations so they will be able to notice any thing unusual in their breast tissue, shape and size. Early detection is still the best defense against this disease with one in nine women being diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes.

Ann Marie Rowland is a volunteer with PATH a non profit organisation set up in Laois to help homeless people and homeless families. Portlaoise Action to Homelessness has volunteers like Ann Marie who travel to Dublin to bring essential food supplies and clothing items like hats, scarves, gloves and toiletries to people sleeping out in the capital’s streets. She arrived to the School in the van used by PATH to bring these small comforts to those who have no homes. Last year the volunteers collected 1000 discarded sleeping bags after Electric Picnic which were washed and distributed to the homeless in Laois and Dublin over the course of the year. Ann Marie explained the kind of work engaged in by volunteers when they go out at night and how human interaction with other people is as much a part of what they do as handing out food and clothes. The talk gave students an insight into what it is like for homeless people and also what it is like for volunteers like Ann Marie who work with them.

Students in TY also had a talk this week about the need to buy local and support shops in the town. This is a particularly important message as so many businesses have been hit so badly by the global pandemic. It is imperative that local people try to do their bit for the local economy and this includes young people with spending power who would be hoping themselves to secure part time employment and work experience.

Halloween Dress Up
The School Council have organised a Halloween costume dress up for the last day of mid-term and it certainly has got everyone talking. There will be student prizes and teacher prizes for the best or scariest get up and it is bringing out the knives in many aka Freddy Krueger style. There seems to be rumours that some in UCT plan to go all out to win the coveted prizes. Well done to the School Councillors and the Fifth Year Year Head Ms Egan who are lifting the spirits around the place by getting us to tap into our spookier selves.

Amber Flag
The Amber Flag Committee are also getting into the spirit of Samhain by holding a student pumpkin carving competition. The standard is incredibly high with students posting pics of their scary and quirky orange lanterns on Twitter last week. The results will be announced this week so well done to everyone who entered. Congratulations also to Caitlyn Raven and Robyn Foley who have been elected Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson respectively of this year’s Amber Flag Committee. The Committee is definitely in good hands this year.

Written By Nora Tuohy