October 1, 2016

Geography Trip

Last Friday, September 23, Leaving Cert Geography students loaded onto a bus armed with a range of implements like ranging poles, clinometers, trundle wheels and compasses for a day of geographical exploration. Their destination was the Banner County, Clare. The first stop was Bishop’s Quarter Beach in Ballyvaughan Bay for a case study on coasts, worth 20 % of the Leaving Cert Geography grade.

The students set to work measuring the angles of depressions of sand dunes, the speed of the wind using clinometers and anemometers. Next it was onto the Ailwee Caves where the group was given a guided tour. They saw the limestone formations of stalactites, stalagmites and pillars formed over thousands of years. One of the most visited sites in the country, the Cliffs of Moher, was the final destination for the group of budding Geographers. However due to an incoming storm the students were unable to take a planned boat trip to see the stunning cliffs from sea level. A very valuable learning experience was had by all so many thanks to Ms. Hedigan and Ms. Callanan in the Geography Department for organising it.


A group of fifty First Years were delighted to be heading off last Wednesday to a hockey tournament hosted in UCC. The teams were organised by Ms. Sullivan and Ms. Fogarty according to colour. They also had assistance on the day from a number of TYs and Fifth Years who mentored the teams. The Blue team made it to the final but lost to St. Angela’s by one goal to nil. This team was managed by Fifth Year students Grainne Moloney and Sophie Hayes. The First Years thoroughly enjoyed the day getting a chance to put their hockey skills into practice and bond with others in their year group.

The Senior and Junior As played Ashton in Cork on Wednesday in the first competitive League match of the season. Both teams had great wins. The Senior As won 3 – 1 while the Junior As had success in their game against Ashton scoring 7 goals – 0.


On Wednesday, September 29, the TYs headed across the road to the Source to see Psycho Spaghetti a one- man comedy about teenagers. Writer, creator, director, actor Ger Carey gave the students an uproarious glimpse into the school and everyday lives of teenagers. He seems to understand teenagers to their very core and had them rolling in the aisles with his role playing and jokes throughout the side splitting performance. In essence the students realised that the message behind the show is that teenagers are on a journey. They will change dramatically as they transition to adulthood over the next few years but should enjoy and embrace life right now.


Rehearsals proceed with pace now as we enter October and the large cast is enjoying the fun of the show and also the music by Andrew Lloyd Weber that covers so many genres: from country & western to rock and roll, from Elvis to Calypso.

All will be in readiness for opening night on Saturday, October 22. More information on booking in later notes.

Written By Nora Tuohy