March 6, 2015

Build A Bank

Six Transition Year students have been selected to go forward for the National Final of ‘The Build a Bank’ competition run by AIB. Thirty-three schools competed in Munster and the Ursuline Sec School, Thurles was one of four to be chosen from this region to compete in the final to be held in the RDS on 16th April. The Transition Years have been taking part in this competition for the last nine years so it is well established in the school with a new crop of TY’s each year becoming involved in managing the school bank. After a rigorous and realistic application and interview process which involved forty seven TYs applying for positions, the six successful candidates were Bridín Ryan, Bank Manager, Lorna Irwin O’Grady, Assistant Bank Manager, Moira Kinane Financial Manager, Grace Kelly, Customer Service and Aoife Shanahan and Emily Moore, Sales and Marketing. Once the team had been put together they set to work on choosing a theme for their bank. They choose ‘The Lion King’ as their sales and marketing strategy. Their clever motto is ‘Get in lion and you’ll be fine’. They also incorporated the famous song from the film ‘Hakuna Matata’ advising students that if they save for the future they will have no worries.

They are currently working towards the National Final which includes preparing a power point presentation and getting their message out in a successful social media campaign. However they are not just financiers but are also interested in ethical business. They have used their banking initiative to help raise money for Suir Haven. In addition they held a quiz in Scoil Angela for students from 1st class up to 6th class. The questions were based on the combined themes of ‘The Lion King’ and banking. The students could bring home the quiz and complete it with the help of their parents. The first prize was a trip to the zoo to see the lions. Well done girls on all your hard work so far and good luck preparing for the final.

Lenten Confessions

Thanks to the priests who facilitated confessions for all year groups last Monday, 4th March. Fr. Hayes, our school chaplain, prepared the students for the sacrament by leading them in a reconciliation service and examination of conscience. Then students from 1st year up to 6th year had the opportunity to avail of individual confession. It was a long day for the priests who very generously gave their time to enable students to receive this sacrament.

Hockey Results

The Seniors ‘A’s’ played a challenge game against Kilkenny College. The result of this friendly was UCT 1 – Kilkenny College 2. This was good practice for the Munster Senior ‘A’ cup final which will be played against old rivals Crescent College next Wednesday, 11th of March.

The 2nd Year ‘A’ cup team beat Ashton by three goals to nil. This means they secure a place in the next round.

Two of our first year teams lined out against Crescent College on Wednesday but were not successful on this occasion. The 1st Year ‘B’ Cup team lost by a goal. The final score being UCT 2 – Crescent College 3. The first year ‘A’ Red team were also defeated by Crescent. The result was UCT – 1 Crescent College 3.

Fair Trade Fortnight

As part of Fair Trade fortnight TY students erected a Fair Trade stand in the school to promote Fair Trade. The TY’s were also invited to visit Tipperary Institute to attend a talk by a fair trade farmer from St. Lucia. He spoke to them about the importance of fair trade prices to farmers in the developing world. He said that fair trade prices for his bananas meant he could in turn employ three workers on his five ace banana farm. Money from fair trade products helps to support community projects and schools in the developing world. The talk was a fascinating insight into the work of a Fair Trade supplier and the students were surprised to learn that Fair Trade is a movement not a charity.

Seachtain na Gaeilge

Seachtain na Gaeilge takes place nationwide from 1st to 17th of March. The Irish Teachers organised a variety of events to mark the occasion. All First and Second year groups had a ‘tràth na gCeist’ in their Irish classes. The students enjoyed participating in this fun quiz, which included a few small prizes. First Years also designed ‘Là Fhèile Pàdraig’ cards and posters. They coloured them beautifully and many were put on display around the school to highlight our upcoming national holiday. In the senior end of the school all Fifth year Irish classes came together and the Irish teachers held a ‘Tràth na gCeist’. Great fun was had by all. The students had a chance to settle into the quiz with a few easy questions to begin with before they increased in difficulty. Naturally the whole event was conducted ‘às Gaeilge’. As usual our annual craic agus ceoil at lunchtime will be organised with the help of the music teachers. The seisiùn ceoil is always a highlight of ‘Seachtain na Gaeilge’ with teachers and students playing traditional Irish music and our many Irish dancers doing a jig or a reel. This event is held in the hall where there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy the event or participate if they feel the urge. Beidh an chraic ag gach einne. Bhain gach duine taitneamh ag Seachtaine na Gaeilge.

First Year Maths Quiz

The Irish Junior Maths Competition has been a long running activity, organised by the Irish Maths Teachers Association, for first year students in all secondary schools. All our first year students participated in the first round in school last Wednesday. It consisted of multiple choice brain teasers which were answered within a 40 minute period. Based on results Students can be invited to participate in a regional final. Well done to all first years for their wonderful efforts.

The Donal Walsh School Marathon Challenge

The student councillors in all years are currently organising the entire school body for the Donal Walsh School Marathon Challenge. The idea is that teams of students will run the distance of a marathon, 26.2 miles, with each student completing a distance of 2 km. The students will pay an entry fee of €2. So we will be raising money for a worthy cause while getting a bit fitter. We had the honour of having Donal’s father Finbarr come to speak last year to our 5th Years and TY’s. He impressed everyone with his commitment to continuing the great work begun by Donal. The funds raised will go towards the Donal Walsh Live Life foundation.

YSI Projects

The Pursuit of Happiness – Promoting Positive Mental Health in our School is one of four YSI projects currently being organised and promoted by Ms. Doherty’s TY class. They have placed a compliment wall just inside the main door where students and staff can write heart-warming notes to those they wish to praise. They have been leaving nice surprises for some staff members and classes promoting random acts of kindness. They treated the office and care taking staff to buns as a way of saying thanks for all they do. In their own words they are just spreading the love.

Ms. Collins’ TY group asked the whole school to support a silent break time. This was to raise awareness of what it is like to live in total silence all the time as a deaf or hearing- impaired person. In an effort to promote and encourage signing they have placed posters around the school demonstrating how to sign different words and phrases. In conjunction with their YSI initiative they are gathering together a petition to make signing the third official language of Ireland. They organised a guest speaker from the association DeafHear. Johanna, who became deaf as a result if illness at an early age, gave the students a vivid insight into what it is like to live in a world of silence.

Ms. Purcell’s TY’s have an on-going campaign to make all of us aware of the importance of knowing our road number. They simulated an emergency call over the intercom in which the emergency services were unable to locate the house of the person ringing because the caller did not know the number of their road. Road numbers are something that most of us are blissfully unaware of but it is a little knowledge that might one day save the life of someone we love.

Ms. Flanagan’s class have chosen to highlight an issue which should be important to all women but particularly those involved in our national games. They are investigating the issue of gender inequality in the GAA. If you are a man in the world of Gaelic games this is an issue that may never have come to your attention but if you are a C amogie player or a ladies footballer you will be acutely aware of having had to make way for the men on many occasions. The girls and the ladies often feel second best when it comes to getting access to fields for training, face difficulty securing funds and often feeling there is less public support and media coverage for their games. They are looking at possibly canvassing for an Equality Officer to be appointed to the County Board.

Good luck to all our students and their teachers participating in the YSI Speak Out on Wednesday, 11th of March.

Written By Nora Tuohy