March 21, 2019

Tipperary Drama Festival
Congratulations to the TY drama group who won the Tipperary Drama Festival in Holycross for the second year running. Their production of ‘The Struggles’ won a raft of awards including Best Overall Play, Best Performance for Kaci Kerwick, the Best Director award for Mr Kirby and the Adjudicators Ensemble Award for the seven girls playing the Struggles. This year’s production was a one act play written by US dramatist Kendra Thomas. The protagonist Megan, is a teenager coping with the struggles of school life with the added burden of dyslexia and ADD. It is based on Kendra Thomas’ own experiences of trying to keep on top of school while grappling with both of these learning challenges. In the play The Struggles are personified and follow her around. They are the voices that she hears. Some are echoes of self-confidence others of self-doubt, and these are her constant companions in the dream-like world in which the play is set. Well done to the whole cast and to Mr Kirby on yet another outstanding dramatisation.

Kemmy School of Business Awards, 2019
Well done to the 27 students from both Fifth Year and TY who received Certificates of Excellence
from the Kemmy School of Business, University of Limerick recently. This is awarded to students who achieve an A grade (Honours) in their Junior Certificate Business Studies Examination. Well done also to the Business Studies Teachers who prepared them to such a high standard.

Second Year Class Mass
Second Year class 2E were the first group to celebrate mass in the new Prayer Room. The group decided to organise a mass as part of their Junior Cycle Religion Journal and asked School Chaplain, Fr Jim Purcell to preside over their Eucharistic celebration. Fr Purcell was more than happy to oblige. The students decided that it would be a mass of friendship and decorated the new Prayer Room with beautiful artwork with friendship chains, friendship banners and posters with friendship quotes. They picked music that reflected their theme and there were plenty of musicians and singers in the class who lent their wonderful talents to make the occasion even more special and memorable.

Seachtain na Gaeilge
Irish culture – music, dance and song, was celebrated in the school last week for Seachtain na Gaeilge. In their Irish classes students from all years were encouraged to prepare a party piece to perform. There was unbelievable talent on display from poetry to the Siege of Ennis, everyone took part, did their little bit and the craic was mighty. On Friday at lunchtime there was a performance for the whole school. The trad group with a range of instruments – fiddles, concertinas, tin whistles, bodhráns and uilleann pipes played a selection of Irish jigs, reels and airs. This group of very accomplished musicians from all years included several Fleadh winners. We were treated to Irish dancing from students who have attended the Worlds and beautiful sean-nós singing from Fiadh Fitzpatrick, Third Year. It was a real treat for everyone to have such entertainment and talent on display at lunchtime. Thanks to everyone who participated and to the Irish Department for organising this sessiún.

The Minor Cs lost in their recent game against Castletroy College.
First Year A and B teams both had matches against Laurel Hill. The As won decisively by 4-0 and the Bs ended their encounter in a draw. The As also played Mount Mercy in the League last week. The final score was 1-1.
The Junior A Cup Semi-Final was a home game against Scoil Mhuire from Cork. The full-time whistle blew with no score clocked by either side. Ursuline won through on penalty shuttles.
The Senior C and Junior C teams played Presentation Thurles. The Seniors were unsuccessful and the Juniors drew 0-0.
The Senior As had their final competitive game together of this season. They played Mount Mercy losing 3-1. Thanks to all Sixth Year Senior A students who have given such service to hockey throughout their time in school.

Written By Nora Tuohy