The Guidance Counsellors look after the interests of all students both in Vocational/Educational Guidance and Personal Guidance.



• There is a facility for students to avail of guidance for subject choice as well as personal counselling throughout the three years of Junior Cycle.

• Administration of Cognitive Ability Test (CAT) and Reading Test to First Year students and this is followed by a one-to-one meeting with the Junior Cycle Guidance Counsellor

• In the course of Junior Cert. year (Third Year), the students sit Differential Aptitude Tests (DATS). The Guidance Counsellor then meets each student individually and helps her analyse the results of this test thus helping her make a good choice of subjects for the Leaving Cert.


At senior level, Guidance and Counselling involves and includes a range of activities and counselling interventions.

Vocational/Educational Guidance

• Students explore and research career paths based on their aptitude, interests and personality.

• Fifth Year students complete a variety of career interest questionnaires and then research their particular area of interest.

• All students are encouraged and supported in the decision-making process for a course/career that they will find fulfilling and satisfying.

• Visiting speakers from many career sectors are invited to give talks.


All Senior Cycle students are guided and helped in the procedures required for entry to all Third Level Education in Ireland (CAO) and England (UCAS). All applications are now made on-line.


There is the opportunity for confidential and supportive counselling when a student may need it. The counseling service promotes the well being of the school, particularly in the pastoral area. Adherence to the requirements of the code of ethics of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors ensures a legitimate practice of a supervised and monitored service that respects the students needs and rights.



Follow the links to any of these websites This is the website of the Central Applications Office and for those intending to apply to Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) the information on the CAO website should be carefully considered. A very useful careers website with a number of resources for students. This is another useful careers website This website outlines how specific applicants to the CAO may avail of the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) or the Disability Access Route to Education (DARE). Both of these schemes are aimed at increasing participation rate in Higher Education. This outlines what financial assistance is available regarding grants This outlines what financial assistance is available regarding grants A very comprehensive site, run by FÁS, giving details of numerous occupations This is the website for those who intend to apply to colleges in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.