First Green Flag: Recycling

Environmental Review

An environmental review was issued in the form of a survey by the Green-Schools Committee in November 2003.

The aim of the survey was to assess the student's perception of litter and waste in the school and to evaluate our starting point on the road to achieving Green Flag status.

Monitoring and Evaluation


Cans collected in the recycling bags were counted each Wednesday and the percentage recycled was calculated as well as the numbers of cans that were contaminated. These results were published on the Green-Schools notice board weekly.


We counted the number of plastic bottles collected on a weekly basis and our aim was to see an increase in the numbers recycled as the school year progresses. The numbers collected that are contaminated are also recorded.


Batteries were being counted on a monthly basis. The results were published monthly on the Green-Schools notice board.


The bags from each classroom were collected and weighed on a weekly basis. The results for each classroom are recorded and published on a weekly basis on the Green-Schools notice board.

Monitoring and evaluation has been vital for the success of the Green Flag initiative within the school to date. It has highlighted our progress and indicated areas of change. Hence, it forced us to make changes to the action plan which otherwise may have gone unchecked. Therefore, it has increased the likelihood of achieving goals formulated in the action plan.

Monitoring and evaluation also allows the committee to publish the results on the Green-Schools notice board, thereby keeping students informed of their progress. Informing and Involving There were many different methods of communicating and involving the whole school community in all aspects of the Green-Schools programme.