February 9, 2018

Fifth Year trip to Macbeth
All the fifth years studying Macbeth for the Leaving Cert attended a performance of the play at the University of Limerick on Friday, February 2. This dark Shakespearean tragedy was staged specifically for senior students. The play featured many aspects of the original script, however there were some modern additions such as an actress cast in the role of Macduff. Students got a better understanding of the play and an opportunity to reflect on the central theme of this tragedy – that an intense lust for power can lead to moral decay. In other words, don’t kill the king Macbeth, it’s not worth the hassle.

Congratulations to fifth year student, Kerry Tierney, who won the regional final of the Soroptimist Public Speaking Competition. Kerry travelled to Killarney on Saturday, February 3 to deliver her six-minute speech on the empowerment of women – a very fitting title in light of the 100-year anniversary of women’s suffrage. Kerry also had to give an impromptu two-minute speech. Kerry had no idea what she might be asked to talk about but in the end she had no trouble wowing the judges with her ideas on the topic of ‘respect’. Kerry now follows in the footsteps of fellow Ursuline finalist from last year Vivienne O’Keefe and will compete in the Soroptimist All Ireland final on March 10 in Ballina.

The Minor As played Leesiders Regina Mundi in Muster Quarter Cup final last week. Ursuline came out on top by 2-1 in this home game. The goal scorers were Alex Halley and Alison Ryan.
The first years played a hockey blitz recently in Villiers. Team D coached by Laura Collins beat Team A coached by June McCarton while Team B coached by Sophie Walsh were runners up in the Plate.

The first and second years have been in action on the courts recently with games against Portlaoise and Tullamore in the Midlands Basketball League ‘B’ division.
On February, 2 the Second Years beat Portlaoise 16 – 12. Unfortunately, the first years lost in their match the final score UCT 4 – 16 Portlaoise. Both teams lost out to Tullamore last week. Well done to all players for showing great spirit and to their coach Ms. Ryall.

TY Physics Workshop
On Friday, February 2 the TY’s attended a physics workshop in University of Limerick hosted by James Soper. This was part of the Tyndall Schools lecture series, organised by the Institute of Physics in Ireland. The students explored the ‘physics of the circus’ in a fun and though provoking way and there was plenty of scope for audience participation. Galileo’s and Newton’s theories were demonstrated with great vigour and animation and also the work of Irish physicist Tyndall’s was briefly shown with a particular emphasis on the Tyndall effect.

Safety on the Internet Day
The safety of children on line and the skyrocketing popularity of social media apps and smart phone usage among adolescents has caused much controversy recently. On Tuesday, February 6 the fifth year student councillors decided to raise awareness about safety online in conjunction with Safety on the Internet Day (SID). They handed out wrist bands and asked each class to create a # hashtag to highlight internet safety. There were some clever messages such as ‘Think before you type’, ‘Pause before you post’ and ‘Surf Safe’. Many thanks also to fifth year students Louise Broe, Lucy Nugent, Neassa McGrath and Mia Ryan who created a display poster incorporating all the hashtags to remind students to mind themselves in the online world.

Written By Nora Tuohy