February 6, 2016

Premier Hall Display

The school was asked and was delighted to get involved and participate in the Parish display held last weekend in the Premier Hall. Some of the Fifth Year students took on the brief “What parish means to us” with great gusto which resulted in a very creative and innovative exchange of ideas. It was decided to design and create a spider’s web to illustrate the many ways the school and the parish interconnect and support one another. The web was designed and made by Fifth Year students Niamh Browne and Nuala Fitzgibbon with the help of Pat and Mr. English in the Technology Department. Once it was ready they, along with Bridín Murphy, TY, did Trojan work painting on beautiful calligraphic lettering. The words on the web encompassed all of the activities, clubs, societies, organisations and liturgical events in which the school is involved. It displayed the myriad of ways in which the school and the parish of Thurles co-operate, corroborate and link in with one another.

IMG_0645Grace Hanly Becky Coonan, Emma Coffey and Layla O’Connor made a video of students talking about Parish and how they view the church and their locality. The students provided some very thoughtful insights on young people’s perspectives of parish. They were overwhelmingly positive. They spoke about the GAA and other clubs that they are involved in. Many mentioned sacramental moments in their lives. Others focussed on the importance of family, neighbours and friends especially during difficult times like funerals. Another group of students picked out words from this video such as belonging, faith, friendship that featured prominently. Then they made miniature figures which they painted in the Ursuline uniform. These six figurines had the words that epitomised parish life emblazoned on them. The students involved in this aspect of the project included Emily Moore, Emily O’Dea, Anna Grace, Sarah White, Jayne Dooley and Brona Dowling. The Fifth Years got behind the project one hundred per cent. They really examined the whole fabric of Parish life and how the school and the parish are interdependent in so many ways.

Mr. Cleary and Mr. Murphy from the Religion Dept. organised photos, years books, and testimonials from the students about their involvement in the parish for display on the Ursuline stand. The Fifth Year group visited the exhibition on Friday, February 5 and were impressed and quite taken aback by all the displays. They said they never realised there was so much going on in their own area. They were also very proud of their own contribution. Thanks to everyone who got stuck in, worked hard and contributed their talents. It is what makes schools and parishes such vibrant places.

Mini Company

IMG_0560There were 16 TY Mini Companies recently entered in the Student Enterprise Awards run by the local Tipperary Enterprise Office. It was a fine display of entrepreneurial initiative. Three companies were chosen to compete in the next round. Little Foot, a farm safety book for children; Perfect Pals, a shower accessory and Binder Buddies, a stationary solution to the problem of ring binders buckling under the weight of notes. Well done to all who took part and best of luck to the successful businesses in the next stage of the competition. They have qualified for the Tipperary Regional Final which will be held in LIT in March.


On February 2, the First and Second Year Ursuline Basketball players competed against Our Lady’s Templemore. This was a home game for UCT and there was great spirit shown by both teams and both schools. The First Years put up a brave battle but lost 11-15 in what turned out to be a very competitive match. Lihle Ndzingani, First Year, was the top scorer on the day.

The Second Year team had more luck, coming through their game 23-17. There was a fantastic effort from both sides. Anna Downey was unstoppable as ball handler and showed great skill. Well done to all players and to their coaches Ms. Casey and Ms. O’Friel.

Soroptimist Public Speaking

Lucy O’Hagan Fifth Year will be representing the school in the Regional Final of the Soroptimist Public Speaking Competition. Lucy’s speech is that ‘The ability to adapt is an important and essential characteristic.’ The competition will take place in Bandon on February 20 and consists of a prepared speech and an impromptu presentation. Good luck to Lucy and many thanks to Ms. Quinn who promotes public speaking in the school injecting it with her enthusiasm and energy.


Congratulations to our athletes who competed recently in the East Munster Cross Country competition. The senior team of Aoife Delargy, Brona Dowling, Niamh Fitzgibbon and Emma Doyle won the senior title. The race was over 2.5 km up and down some very slippery and hilly terrain at the Waterford Institute Sports grounds.

The Intermediate Team of Claire Rafter, Niamh Rafter, Emma Delargy, Megan O’Leary and Maria Brennan took part in the closest fought contest of the day. Claire won the race closely followed by Niamh and Eimear in 3rd and 8th place. Ursuline Waterford followed in 2nd, 4th and 6th places giving both teams 12 points each, joint top score.

The Junior Team had been beset by injury beforehand. The team comprising of Chloé Slattery, Leah Shanahan and Keeva Fogarty finished in 9th place in the team rankings.

The Minor race saw a very talented team from Waterford take the medals. The Ursuline girls competing in this category were Emma Osborne, Emily Kavanagh, Ròisín Kelly, Isabelle Forde, Kate Hayes and Zoë Bracken. They finished in 5th place. Well done to all who participated and to Mr. McDonnell and Ms. O’Sullivan for coaching Athletics in the school. The Munster Championships take place on February 11.

Shakespearean Productions

Last week Junior Cert students attended the Cyclone Rep Company’s production of either the Merchant of Venice or Romeo and Juliet depending of which play they are studying. This Cork company consisted of just four actors who each took on the part of several characters. An amazing feat for any set of actors. The students and English Teachers found the productions most entertaining to watch and informative in terms of exam preparation. The plays continued on the same path as the original Shakespearean versions with pauses intermittently to allow for an explanation of the old English text. Themes were dealt with in an interactive way. Some students were even invited onto the stage to assist and did very well. The girls came away from this experience with a deeper understanding of their Junior Cert. plays. Everyone enjoyed their trip to The Source to see Shakespeare come to life on the stage the way it was meant to.

Irish Guide Dogs

Ms. Kelly’s Second Year CSPE class went on a visit to the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind Centre in Cork on Tuesday last, February 2. This visit was for their Action project. On arrival, they were welcomed by Jennifer who organises school visits to the centre. The group was then introduced to Frank and a retired guide dog called ‘Jilly’. Frank spoke to the girls about the training of guide dogs for the visually impaired and the blind. He mentioned the skills, time and cost involved. The girls also learned about the assistance dogs, who are trained, can help children with autism. These wonderful dogs allow people and their families live a more independent life. They saw the kennels which are home to between 30-40 dogs who are currently undergoing basic and intensive training. The Irish Guide Dogs for the blind use mainly Golden Retriever and Labrador breeds. This is because they seem most receptive to the training due to their cleverness and placid temperaments. Frank’s dog Jilly proved to be a real hit with the class. She accompanied them throughout their time there and she was a feature of many selfies. The girls also learned that this charitable organisation rely on over 80% of their funding from public donations and require approximately €4 million a year to keep the organisation running smoothly. It is worth every penny as Frank, from the Centre, said that what these dogs do to enhance people’s lives for the better is truly “magic”. The girls had a very informative, magical day themselves and thanks to Ms. Kelly for bringing them.IMG_0105

Written By Nora Tuohy