August 31, 2015

Leaving Cert CLASS OF 2015

The past few weeks have been busy for the class of 2015 with results, CAO offers and the Debs. We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our students on their great results and wish them all the best in their future endeavours whatever they may be. All of them are now busy preparing themselves for the next stage of their educational journey. They certainly have proved the rule that hard work pays off.

A special word of congratulations to athlete, Ciara Cummins who has received an Academic Entrance Scholarship for Elite Sportspersons from DCU. This college reserves a number of places for  “outstanding candidates who have achieved a very high level of sporting performance, and who are committed to continuing their sporting and academic careers”.

Following a successful interview in June, Ciara just had to wait for her results to ensure the scholarship and all was well on August 12. She is going to study Athletic Therapy & Training and will continue her Athletics training in the College.

Despite the pressures of Leaving Cert, Ciara had a very successful year, winning her 50th All Ireland medal in events including, Track & Field, Indoor Athletics & Cross Country.


Leaving Certificate History Trip

The 6th Year History students travelled to Dublin on Thursday, 27th of August to for a fun historical day out. First on the agenda was a trip around the city on a 2nd World War amphibious vehicle or DUKW. These bright yellow trucks ferrying modern day Vikings are a familiar fixture on the streets of the capital and were originally used to transport goods and troops over land and water. The students enjoyed the amusing banter of Viking Captain Pat who introduced them to some lesser known Vikings such as Cappuccino Vikings and Lost Vikings. He showed the students the bullet marks on the College of Surgeons, present day reminders of the fighting that took place during 1916. The tour was just the right blend and balance of entertainment and education, being thoroughly enjoyable.

In the afternoon the group went out to Glasnevin cemetery and were met by their tour guide Bridget. Bridget is one of the staff members featured in the recent award winning film on Glasnevin entitled One Million Dubliners. The students were shown the graves of so many people who played a significant role in the founding of the modern Irish state and learned fascinating details about their lives and deaths. Bridget had a wealth of interesting historical information and the tour lasted three hours. She even told spooky tales of grave robbers and of Marjorie McCall who died once but was buried twice. Bridget complimented the 6th years at the end of the tour for their enthusiasm and exemplary behaviour. Thanks to Maggie the bus driver and history teachers Ms. Keating and Mr. McDonnell who accompanied the students.

3rd Year Trip

The entire 3rd year group headed off to Ballyhass Activity Centre near Mallow in Co. Cork on Thursday 27th of August for a day of adventure and team building. They were accompanied by their tutors who also got stuck into many of the activities. The 132 Junior Cert students were divided up into ten teams. Each team got to sample the wide variety of pursuits available such as the leap of faith, the gladiator climbing wall, rock climbing, canoeing, kyacking and the zip wire. The dare devils of 3rd year threw themselves into each challenge with great gusto and a few hardier more fearless ones ended up jumping into the lake just for the fun of it. It was a great day out with students getting a chance to bond over a new and different experience. One pupil was heard to remark after all the high spirits of the day that she was now ready to be a Junior Cert student.

Shine – A Girls Guide to Thriving (not just surviving) The Teenage Years

The Ursuline Secondary School was the fitting venue for the launch of a new book co-authored by two of it’s teaching staff Mary Doherty and Siobhán Hackett. The book addresses a multitude of issues faced by teenage girls today and offers practical and philosophical advice on how to navigate the pitfalls of adolescence. The two authors shoot from the hip and their writing styles blend seamlessly in a book which manages to be both frank and caring.

Mary and Siobhán were able to draw from their wealth of experience not only as teachers but as tutors enabling them to understand and empathise with the experiences of young girls today and the concerns that emerge as they journey to adulthood. The main message of the book is a positive one reminding girls that they are fabulous, that they should learn to like themselves a whole lot more and believe that the power to overcome all obstacles lies within.

Welcome Back

To all students returning to school and especially to our new first years who started on Thursday 27th of August we welcome you and hope that the year ahead is happy and successful.

Written By Nora Tuohy