April 20, 2018

Chamber Choir
Congratulations to the Chamber Choir who came first at the Cork Choral Festival on Thursday, 19 April. They also scooped the coveted ‘School Choir of the Festival’ accolade. The Choir and their Chorus Mistress, Ms Butler worked extremely hard preparing their two acapella pieces, an Irish air ‘Fill Fill á Rún Ó’ and a Spanish song ‘Leas Amarillas’. Well done to them on their great success.





Author Stella O’Malley Talks to Parents
Screen addiction, anxiety, narcissism, and trying to raise resilient, confident teenagers were just some of the many topics touched on by psychotherapist and author Stella O’Malley who came to talk to parents in the Ursuline last week. The Parents Council organised for Stella, who has published the highly acclaimed books Bully Proof Kids and Cotton Wool Kids, to give a presentation on parenting teens. Stella gave a very engaging and insightful talk about what it is like for teenagers navigating those turbulent years and how it is not always possible or healthy for parents to swoop in and fix the problems their children encounter. She suggested it is necessary for us to teach our children that failure is okay, it will happen and it is vital that young people learn to heed the lessons of failure. She pointed out that failure brings with it increased inner resilience which is such an important life skill in our uncertain age. Stella answered questions at the end and the use or overuse of mobile phones, social media and technology was a hotly debated topic. Thanks very much to Helen Burns of the Parents’ Council who approached Stella about the possibility of giving a talk to parents in the Ursuline. It was very well attended and extremely helpful for parents in trying to understand the issues affecting their school going sons and daughters.

Hannah Murphy placed second in Trocaire National Poetry Competition.
Well done to Hannah Murphy, Fifth Year, who came second in the annual Trocaire National Poetry Competition. The competition, which is run in conjunction with Poetry Ireland, was based around the theme ‘Love Conquers Fear’. Hannah’s successful entry was entitled ‘The Television’ and portrays a young child watching the horrors of war as the images are beamed into their living room through the medium of television. The child is shocked, upset and fearful until the mother protectively comes in and switches the channel. The message Hannah conveys through this poem is that those who live in war torn parts of the world do not have the luxury of turning that conflict off. The aim of this poetry competition, which is open to people of all ages, is to highlight issues of social justice and inequality around the world. Hannah has certainly captured those themes with her reflective poem which makes the reader thankful for the luxury of living in a peaceful country.


Caoimhe Meade and the German Olympics
Congratulation to Caoimhe Meade, TY who succeeded in reaching the finals of the German Olympics. This is a competition which requires students to write an essay or make a short film in German. This year Caoimhe had to write about her dream trip to Germany. She wrote about her wish to visit the German cities of Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Hanover and Hamburg and described her desire to explore these well-known places as a tourist. Caoimhe was one of only eight students in the country to reach the German Olympics. On the day of the final she had to introduce another contestant in German and speak about them. Then she and another finalist were given an hour to design a poster and make a presentation to the judges about a particular topic. She didn’t win the final but was delighted to be able to participate at such a high standard.

In the U16 Munster Cup the Ursuline played St. Angela’s, Cork in Cobh. They came up against tough competition on the day. They played well and were unlucky to lose out in the end. The team included Rebecca McCabe, Emma McCabe, Kate Brophy and Heather Hourigan Powell. Well done to the girls on a valiant effort.

Written By Nora Tuohy