March 27, 2011


The two Transition Year groups travelled to C.I.T. in Cork to support their written submission for this year’s Y.S.I. programmes. There are three venues for this “Speakout” stage of the competition and approximately six hundred schools who are anxious to state their cases took part.

Two hundred schools were adjudicated in Cork over two days so the timing allotted is very tight. The students have two minutes to dramatise, in music, mime, song and word, their particular cause. Both groups had worked very hard condensing their projects into the two minutes: The “Dis-Ability” group certainly conveyed the work they have done in drawing attention to the strengths and weaknesses of Thurles as a place where access for the disabled is, to say the least, very mixed. Already this group has highlighted areas of weakness within the school and they have addressed these issues and brought about change.

The second group conveyed in the Speakout how they have shared skills with the older generation: the young people are teaching the older generation how to handle technology: mobile phones, internet usage, emails etc whilst the older generation is passing on the skills of knitting, embroidery and bread making.

Meanwhile the students keep working on their projects in the hope that they will be amongst the sixty schools who will get an opportunity to travel to Croke Park in May for the finals.


This is a busy week for the Music Department as not only are individual students preparing for the Leaving and Junior Cert practical examinations but the Musical Evening takes place this Wednesday, March 30. It promises to be a wonderfully entertaining evening as choirs, orchestras and instrumentalists get the opportunity to play.

It is also an opportunity for the Chamber Choir to perform in front of an audience before they travel to Cork on Thursday to take part in the Cork International Choral Festival. The Choir has worked hard on preparing two new pieces for the event, one of which has certainly challenged the group and is also highly entertaining. The piece is entitled Chilli Con Carne and as the name suggests it is a “difficult recipe”


The Green School Committee is also under pressure this week as the examination for the fourth Green Flag takes place on Wednesday, March 30. The three previous Green Flags earned have been awarded for recycling, energy usage and water usages. This flag will be earned for transport. The committee has been working on this for a year and a half and has certainly raised awareness of our use of cars etc. They organised and a very successful WOW (Walk on Wednesdays) day last year and they continue to drive home this message as they place the emphasis firmly on shoe leather!


Well done to the Senior B Hockey team who overcame the Presentation team by 3 – 0 to take this year’s League title. The Junior A had a friendly against Kilkenny College (1-2) as did two of the First Year teams. The A team won by 4-0 and the B team by 3 -0.

The Under 19A tennis team took on the players from St Angela’s, Cork and defeated them.

Written By Nora Tuohy

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