September 11, 2011

Now that the “dust has settled” on the return to school and all classes feeling as if they never had summer holidays, it is time to take a little look back at events during the summer.


The phrase “the dust has settled” has great resonance for the school community this year as a refurbishment of the existing building took place throughout the summer months. The builders were as good as their word and we returned to the building for September 29, having done all Staff Days in the Boarding School. Some of the work done was not visible, but some was! Students were able to see the possibilities for next year where temporary corridors presently lead to a building site. For the Staff, there was great joy as they entered a long awaited extension to the Staff Room. They have all now settled into that as if it was always there! The extension is now taking all the attention and staff and students alike are beginning to see the shape of what will be this time next year.


Congratulations to the Leaving Cert class of 2011 who did so well in their Leaving Cert and are now either settling in to their new life in third level institutions throughout the country or are preparing to set off. We wish them well and hope they are all very happy and content with their career choices.

It was lovely to see them all again for their Debs Dance which took place on August 23. They all managed to brave the stony path which led to the Sr Ursula Memorial Hall for the traditional presentation of the Debs. They then adjourned to the Anner Hotel where they danced the night away and caught up with each other after the summer.


The Opening of the Year mass will take place this week and the Religious Education, Music and Art departments are busily preparing for it. The theme for the School Year centres on Forgiveness

“Forgiveness means letting go of a hurtful situation and moving on with your own happiness”

and this theme will be celebrated in the readings, the music and the art work.


The astro-turf pitches are alive with activity as the experienced and not so experienced players work out and train for the year ahead. The Senior A panel has already played a challenge match against Loreto, Kilkenny and managed to put seven goals away against them. Signs of what is to come, hopefully!

Written By Nora Tuohy

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