May 10, 2009


At a ceremony recently in Dublin, Chairperson and Secretary of the Green School Committee, Aisling Barry and Thoran Sorrell, accompanied by Ms Frend, accepted the Third Green Flag for the school.

It has been a long journey for the committee as they have been working on the attainment of this flag throughout the year. On arrival back to school in September, the green flag committee was faced with a very tall order indeed namely to achieve its third green flag.This flag is the third theme for schools involved in the Green Schools programme and involved reducing water consumption within the school, raising awareness about the importance of water conservation, whilst also keeping up a steady continuation of the recycling and energy programmes.

Aisling Barry, Chairperson of the Green School Committee set the ball rolling last September encouraging students on the mammoth task which faced them in order to achieve the water flag, reminding them to

‘Slow the flow of the H2O’.

Each week the committee worked closely together to promote the Green Flag initiative throughout the school encouraging all to keep up the efforts in recycling (first flag), reducing the energy used in the school (second flag) and now placing a particular emphasis on water in order to achieve the third flag. .

Installation of the Hippos

In conjunction with North Tipperary Co. Council, the green flag committee acquired funding to purchase HIPPO bags in order to reduce the water consumption in school. These devices were placed in the cisterns of each toilet in the school and therefore reduced the amount of water consumption with each flush.

A water meter and logger were then put in place in the school to assess the progress. This is a pilot programme undertaken by North Tipperary Co. Council and the school has itself proved to be very successful as there was a drop of up to 50% in the water consumption.

Notices were placed around the school informing students of the measures taken to decrease water consumption in the school and to promote further awareness of the importance of water conservation. The water conservation also saw the birth of the water mascot – Dropletta. She popped up all over the school ensuring that all remembered to ‘Slow the flow of the H2O’.

Written By Nora Tuohy