Green Schools

Committee 2014-2015

Chairperson:  Teresa Ryan

Vice-Chair: Sally O’ Donnell

Secretary: Julie Moran

Junior Representative: Theresa Ryan

Co-ordinating Teachers: Ms. Carroll and Ms. Coffey

There is one student representative per class group from first to fourth year, and all interested from Fifth and Sixth year.

The committee meets once a week on Wednesday, at 1:10pm.

Our noticeboard is located at the heart of the school, in the Social Area. It is a vital method of communication for us, as it relays information regarding various competitions, actions that we are undertaking and information regarding the various flags as well. Within the school, we collect and recycle batteries, mobile phones and of course normal recycled materials, i.e. Cans, paper, etc.

6th Green Flag:

Global Citizenship: litter and waste

In our other themes we explored the areas that feature in the world around us of Litter, Waste, Energy, Water, Travel and Biodiversity. Global Citizenship is unlike this as it relates to an international level.

This green flag will help us see how our work with the green schools programme helps worldwide environments. As this is seen to be a broad theme all other previous themes will be linked to it.

The aim of Global Citizenship Litter & Waste is to create an understanding about the links between environmental degradation and human rights. We will learn about the development of sustainability and interdependency in the world and by acting locally will have an effect on the rest of the world.

Our actions for this green flag are to;

• Raise awareness on hope looking after our environment helps people all around the world.

• Making an improvement in the management of Litter & Waste in our school.

• Integrating the theme of Global Citizenship into the green schools programme


First Green Flag : Recycling

Second Green Flag : Energy Saving

Third Green Flag: Water Conservation

Fourth Green Flag: Sustainable Transport

Fifth Green Flag: Biodiversity